Dynamic Loading of a Brassiere

Mechanics of Solids and Structures Sping 2012

This is a model of a bra, approximately measured to 34DD dimensions for use in a finite element analysis to investigate the stress concentrations within a bra under typical static loading. It was almost entirely surfaced and a 1mm thickness applied afterwards. In reality a bra would have a thickness closer to 3 or even 4mm, however this thickness was sufficient for an approximate analysis. The clasp mechanism could use some improvement.

This study analyzes a standard bra under the static loading of a woman’s breasts. Finite element analysis is used to map stress concentrations, materials displacement, and strain in selected sections of the bra. Results of this study indicate high regions of stress and strain at the center gore and intersections of the bra straps and bra cups; however, they also highlight the fact that bras do not strictly require straps for structural support. The major displacement in the bra under static loading is in the straps themselves; however, this displacement does not propagate through the cup in any other significant sense.

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