User Oriented Collaborative Design Spring 2010

This was a second year engineering project at Olin College for a required class in "User Oriented Collaborative Design." Students are formed into teams of 5 and set the goal of designing a product to meet the needs of a very specific user group, within a ten week time period. Students are encouraged to work with the end users to best discern the needs of the user and via several strategies develop a concept which uniquely, and perfectly meets that need. Our user group was frequent flyers and so after several rounds of interviews, visits to the airport, co-design sessions, and redesign, our resulting product is a new class of comfort, which redefines the flying experience. Called "MyFlight" this product is centered on a new and redesigned version of the first/business class seat, but encompasses so much more than this object alone. "MyFlight" is extended to the fewest of the few, frequent flyers who spend greater than half of any given year in the air. After an individual interview with those selected their meal, music, tv, and movie preferences are stored in a database and during flight the users have access to anything they would like. The users are encased in a transparent bubble which completely sound isolates them from their surrounds, yet which can be mated with an adjacent sound bubble should users be travelling in pairs. Of course, the bubbles can be retracted completey as well.