Rolls-Royce Trent 1000

Personal Project - 12 Hours

The Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 High Bypass Turbofan introduces a new class of aircraft propulsion to the world. Powering the Boeing 787 Dreamliner the Trent 1000 family makes extensive use of technology derived from the Trent 8104 demonstrator. In order to fulfill Boeing's requirement for a "more-electric" engine, the Trent 1000 is a bleedless design, with power take-off from the intermediate-pressure (IP) spool instead of the high-pressure (HP) spool found in other members of the Trent family. A 2.8 m (110 in) diameter swept-back fan, with a smaller diameter hub to help maximize airflow, was specified. A high pressure ratio along with contra-rotating the IP and HP spools improves efficiency. The engine is rated at 75,000lb with a 11:1 bypass ratio, a length of 4.75m and a diameter of 2.85m.

At Olin, students don’t often get an opportunity to develop their CAD skills to a particularly high level because we typically only use Solidworks when designing something for a school project and therefore with a view to manufacturing in house. This limits what we can CAD and so some of the more challenging and technically skillful aspects of Solidworks CAD aren’t often utilized. To that extent ASME had the idea of hosting a Solidworks CAD Festival at Olin. The premise was to provide students incentive and opportunity for an all-night CAD session where students could come and spend the evening designing something challenging in Solidworks, whilst having access to other Solidworks savvy individuals around for help and advice. They had until 8am and then the best design, the top three designs, and the most complex design executed by 8am won a prize from Solidworks and from ASME.

I designed and modelled the Trent 1000 Turbofan with the 12 hour block allotted and placed first in the competition.

Click here to view the model download page at GRABCAD.